Violet-Colored Glasses
It is almost 10:00

And I am still at Blair. With Zach. Because I finished my project and got on Tumblr so I could keep the lab open for him/others who need to be here, but I just never left. So. That’s what I’ve done with my life today.

We also had Mayfield orientation, which was the single dumbest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. We had to do like team building things, and understanding ourselves and each other things, and it was stupid. And I haven’t properly had dinner yet. I had some snackies at the orientation, but I’m kind of hungry. 

But I did finish my theory assignment that isn’t even due until Monday! Which is crazy! This is why Dr. Slayton thinks I’m a really good student—for his class, I am. He never needs to know that I’m up until four in the morning writing papers for other classes…whoops. Now I can spend the whole weekend being all the places I’m supposed to be and working solely on my ethnography. This will be okay. Everything’s going to be fine. I’m almost done. I just have to make it through like a week. After Monday, I just have to put together my journals for Religious Autobiography and study for my Music as Global Culture final (AH. CAN’T THINK ABOUT THAT YET.) and pass my jury and I’m home free. Literally. Home free. I love how that term is actually literally applicable here. Home. Home free.

I’m really pretty excited for this summer. I don’t have a lot planned, but I’m definitely going to Washington, D.C. with my friend Allison and we’re going to PARTY IT UP and by party it up I obviously mean go to ALL the Smithsonians and ALL the other museums (like the National Portrait Gallery and the Holocaust Museum and the Spy Museum and such) and see as many important national things as we can (what buildings do they let you go in to? Is it too late to try to go to the White House?) and go to all the monuments and such. I’m soo excited for this trip, because it’s mostly free. No dealing with a hotel, because we’re staying at her grandmother’s. Just travel (Megabus, woot woot!) and food and such, because D.C. has so many things to do for NO MONEY. Just yay!

I’ll probably be taking a trip down Georgia way with at least my brother, if not my whole family, as sort of a goodbye for Daniel to the south. He’s going to UCDavis next year, so he won’t be in this neck of the woods a whole lot for the next few years. Also, it’s Chipper Jones’s last season with the Braves. We have to go. Have to. 

And if I get in, I’ll be doing a Shakespeare apprenticeship program here in Nashville. That’s the last few weeks of summer…my audition is next weekend, and if I get in, I would get to do two weeks of workshops every day and then be in a production of a musical of Much Ado About Nothing. I would really like to do it. This actually costs a little, but I hope my parents can afford it, because it would be a really good experience.

We’re about to leave, so I suppose that’s all for now. How was that for a BEDA?