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Like Garrett’s Li’l Dragon that he painted.


I am frantically trying to complete a paper for my religious autobiography class, and that’s what I’ve been meaning to do since about 3:15 this afternoon. Instead, I’ve watched ALMOST AN ENTIRE SERIES OF DOCTOR WHO. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME. I AM SO FULL OF CRAP. AHHH. I HATE EVERYTHING. EXCEPT OBVIOUSLY DOCTOR WHO.

Okay. Yeah. I just have to write a bunch of journals. About books. That I may or may not have read.



Best of luck to you dears going into finals week.


I don’t know, please don’t ask me. I’m having a really silly day, one of those days where I’m just feeling kind of effervescent. But the bubbles aren’t really coming from some pit of happiness inside me, which is the ideal source of that bounciness, but from a boiling inability to stand anything. Or indigestion. One of the two. I’m just really in a bad mood and so over singing. I currently only have interest in theory, diction, and possibly the paper I’ll be writing for Global Culture. I mostly just want to bumble around and go to people’s recitals and have fun and watch movies and stop being so worried and tense and having my back hurt all the time.

I also want to do this thing over the summer, the Nashville Shakespeare Festival’s apprentice program. I haven’t broached the subject with my parents yet, and it costs $500. It would also basically entail me moving in here early (or, like, being ready to move in but staying with Steven…it’s complicated). It would also require me gettinginto the program, but I guess I would have an okay chance. I just don’t know. I want to be home as much as possible. Ugh. Choices. I hate making choices. Don’t make me make choices.

Also, I’ve listened toCall Me, MaybeandForever Yoursabout 15 times each today. I’m just in sort of a peppy mood. But like bad peppy. Not good peppy.

At least the composition recital was really good. And by really good I mean completely phenomenal. Seriously. I was so impressed. Even the weird pieces were clever and creative and good. It’s just so cool that we have such talented people in our program. Yay! Special kudos to Elena and Garrett. Her horn piece was so nice, and Garrett played it absolutely swimmingly! I have such talented friends :)