Violet-Colored Glasses
I blogged (almost) every day in April!

It is April 30th, so tomorrow, we are done with this blog-every-day thing (unless I decide to blog more regularly, which I might), and I will also be moving back home tomorrow. Which is somewhat traumatic. This room is very much mine—I am not looking forward to emptying it. I’m not looking forward to packing, I’m not looking forward to leaving my roommate.

You know, I thought I’d have some great last blog or something, but I’m out of things to say. I feel sort of numb, and I can’t really wrap my head around the fact that this will never be my room again. Weird, isn’t it? I don’t know. I forgot to talk to my roommate about our posters, about what happens to them. I’m afraid she won’t be here when I leave.

Wow. I just feel panicky. Yikes. I think, though, with that, I will bid you fine people, the month of April, the semester, the year, my room, and my roommate adieu. It’s been a good month. I hope you all have lovely summers.

Three More Nights

Today, it occurred to me that I will only be spending three more nights of my life in this room.

Which is exceptionally bizarre.

I’m going to miss this room, because it’s familiar, but I spent about ten minutes last night just standing in a room that is identical to the room that will be mine next year and thinking. Thinking about how I’m going to make it my room. Because I undoubtedly will, because that’s how life works. This room has become my room, and it’s been an excellent home to Marissa and me for the past eight or so months. I don’t like having to worry about how all my things are going to fit in a new room, but I also know that, if moving in next year is anything like moving in this year was, it will all just sort of fall into place and I will make it homey and happy.

I hate packing more than almost anything, which is why I’m so unenthused about this move—I’ll be glad to go back home, but packing all this stuff up and then having to unpack it all into my bedroom at home is going to suck. I haven’t gained so much stuff that we just can’t get it all home, but I definitely have more than I came with. What are we doing with this bookshelf? I don’t know how to take it apart! I do have significantly more books than I did when I left. Textbooks, three rather large hardbacks, four smaller books. Eight seasons of the TV show Charmed. A bunch of papers. At least I didn’t buy any new notebooks after I got here! That vacuum cleaner came at Christmas, and I have so many new t-shirts. I really, really, really don’t want to deal with all of this, and I don’t know how many of my clothes I should bother washing before I leave (although I really think one load should do it…enough underwear to survive, and a few shirts I actually enjoy wearing) and I just don’t want to think about it, because thinking about packing makes me a lot more overwhelmed than thinking about the final I still have to complete for Religious Autobiography.


Guhh. Only two full days left here, but so much to do! Although, let’s be real, most of the packing will happen on Tuesday. After noon on Monday, I can just sort of relax.