Violet-Colored Glasses

Was quite nice.

Really. I tend to have quite good Fridays the 13th. I went to class and took a nap and got out of choir really early and had dinner with friends and got to hear my AMAZINGLY talented friends in the orchestra play a concert and went to Sweet CeCe’s where I sat literally between a table of my freshman friends and a table of two of my sisters (AHH I can actually call them that now because I AM A SISTER). It’s just been quite a good day. And I had a brief respite from worrying about writing papers and I wasn’tdeathlytired, just mostly tired.

But now I’m sort of deathly tired, so…yeah. That’s pretty much all I did today, though, you’re not missing out on anything because of my very short BEDA.

Except I did an awkward thing where I went up and introduced myself to my friend Zach’s parents. I didn’t have any reason to know who they were, and they’ve never met me before, so it was a little strange, but I just felt like being nice. I think they were okay with it? Oh well. I’m just weird sometimes.