Violet-Colored Glasses
Excellent day was excellent.

After a final that made me want to cry, I didn’t expect very much after this day.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

After this final, my friend Elena sat with me and talked to me about anything and everything else, and I got really distracted and started to feel better.

Then we had a sisterhood event (WOOO) and had popsicles and went to a pretty park and had fun and it was lovely. And then I went back to the dorms with Erin, and I got dinner at Panera (Erin accompanied. Our eating schedules were off from each other today), which is ALWAYS a good thing. Then we went to a BASEBALL GAME.

Admittedly, we’re not fab at baseball this year, but it was still really, really fun being there with Erin and Katie and, later, Angela, and sitting behind these moms of players who are there all the time and know Katie because she goes to every game. It was just fun and silly and it didn’t rain like we thought it would.

Then Erin and I went back to Blair for a bit and Erin ordered a pizza and we went to Katie and Angela’s Mayfield and watched a silly, silly movie with them and Bethany (who also lives there and is such a lovely person). And then we caught a Vandy Van (probably the last time I run for one this year, but it was fun) and I got to watch some drunk kids try to get past a sprinkler system without getting wet. And then I watched the last fifteen minutes ofMean Girlsand got on the internet and I am a happy camper.

Also, it was my last Friday here this semester.